How To Answer A Programming Interview Question And Look Good Doing It

Look goodRather than continuing to talk about how hardcore developers should have hardcore math fu, I'd like to shift the focus a little to softer skills (although, as I said, I will come back to math stuff often). I believe that technical people should place even more of an emphasis on soft/people skills than non-techies (I mentioned this in one of the comments to my last post). I will expand on my reasons for this in a later post. In the meantime let's just take it as a given and look at the value of these skills in a technical interview situation.

The thing with a programming interview, or any interview for that matter, is the fact that it is more of a conversation rather than a grilling. The company, and by extension the interviewer, has just as much invested in the process as the interviewee and therefore want to get the most information from the time they spent talking to you as they possibly can. Of course, in a programming interview the main objective is to assess your skills, but people rarely make decisions regarding other people (e.g. hiring decisions) based on hard factual data: