Does Everybody Hate George Bush

I have met probably dozens of Americans over the last couple of years or so, and out of all of them I only remember about 2 of them admitting that they voted for Bush. This got me thinking, just how did Bush become president of the US in the first place and how was he able to remain for 2 terms.

Thinking back over the last few years, I simply can’t recall reading a news story that was praising George W. Bush for anything. I certainly can’t recall a conversation with anyone – American or not – where Bush was mentioned with respect and admiration. Surely those are how a leader should be perceived by his people and possibly even by the international community. Admittedly I am not American, so maybe I am missing some pieces of the puzzle, or something is lost in translation I don’t know, but I find the situation extremely curious.

One of the things that really gets to me is “bushisms”. Were they ever endearing? Since when were bad grammar and an inability to construct a meaningful sentence, the hallmarks of a visionary leader of men. I am just not prepared to make peace with the fact that in a country that gave us the auto-mobile, the atomic bomb, the internet even, that was the best leadership material they had. The saddest thing is that these “bushisms” occurred despite the speech writers and others of their ilk that were no doubt employed to keep just such things from occurring. These grammatical faux pas never made me like Bush more, but they surely must have done so for some people, or am I wrong?

What about his handling of the Iraq war. Let us not forget the fact that the “weapons of mass destruction” over which the war was started in the first place were never found. Let us also not forget that in the case of Iraq, democracy was foisted on the people living there (compelling a nation to adopt democracy through force of arms – was there ever a more ludicrous concept). Both of those things piss me off just a little, but what gets to me even more is the insistence that no-one put a foot wrong at any point with regards to the whole situation. Frankly I would have respected the current US administration a lot more had Bush come out at some point and said “Gee guys, we were wrong, but have to try and set things right now, doing the best we can”. And I am perfectly aware that I can’t blame Bush for the actions of the whole administration, he is not the only person involved. He is however the leader and as such has a responsibility – and a level accountability as well – whether things go right or not.

Bush is in no small part responsible for America having a frankly atrocious international reputation right this minute. America is seen as a bully and an aggressor by the rest of the world, despite many countries having to tow the line and follow Americas lead due to economic (and possibly other) pressures. This in turn reflects really badly on the American people. If I were American I certainly would not want to be judged by the action of one short-sighted and limited individual (who just happens to be the president :)) and the fact that I am being judged this way would annoy me no end.

Is all of this because Bush is just not a leader, but is in fact a sort of puppet for some group/s within the Republican Party? I mean, lets take the current Russia vs. Georgia conflict. Surely noone could lay hypocrisy on that thick without visibly cringing unless they are being controlled in some way and simply don’t have the capacity to understand what they are saying or doing. If it is the case then surely this is even more reason why Bush deserves our contempt for being bamboozled in this way by his “advisors”.

Given all that I said above I guess my question is, who actually voted for Bush and why? Even more so, why the second time? If you did vote for him, do you still retain some confidence in his abilities as a leader? Do you think he has done a good job in his 2 terms as president? I would be very curious to know what people have to say and if you’re not American I’d love to hear from anyone who admires Bush, or at least doesn’t dislike him, surely there must be someone.

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  • Mickie

    I am an American, and I can truly say that 75% of people I personally know despise George Bush. The rest “just” don’t like him. I do not and will not call him my President, as I believe the 2004 election was a farce.

    He has run our country into the ground with his idiotic policies and warmongering. Our “non-recession” economy is in the in the toilet. Again, about 75% of the people I know and speak to fairly often are feeling the financial pinch, dramatically. I know 5 people who lost their homes this summer. The man is a complete and utter idiot, who should have been impeached long ago. He was the first American “president” in history to be PROTESTED AT HIS OWN INAUGURATION. (2004) He deserves to be in PRISON for what he has done to my country. Our global reputation is ruined, our families have no health care (mine being one of them), and Iraqi civilians as well as soldiers from many countries are dying every day because of his idiocy and lust for OIL.

    I can’t afford to take my kids to the public library after school because my husband got laid off, then took a 40% paycut JUST TO HAVE A JOB, and I have to ration my gas. We spend $150 a week just in GAS. My grocery bill has almost doubled in 6 months. Many Americans feel like hostages in their own country. And I’ll say right now that any one who voted for him is a FOOL. I know I didn’t, either time he ran. And god help us all if that idiot McCain winds up in the White House next. My husband and I have actually discussed MOVING TO CANADA.

    Last year, my children, my husband and myself all got strep throat. It cost us OVER $700 for the doctor visits and medication. That’s more than my husband makes in a WEEK. I can’t wait until I get out of college so I can help support my family.


  • Mickie

    “curious to know what people have to say and if you’re not American I’d love to hear from anyone who admires Bush, or at least doesn’t dislike him, surely there must be someone.”

    Good luck with that one.

  • Kyle & Svet

    They won’t even let Bush at the Republican Convention. He is appearing through a big screen TV.

    Does that answer your question?

    I voted the first time for him, then like many Americans I voted against him the second time.

    How did he win the second time? Ask the Government, It is not because we voted for him.


  • Kristina

    The people that count up the votes made a mistake in Florida, and of course Bush won because his brother was the senator of Florida.

    Obama ’08 :)

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  • Sue

    The hacking of Diebold machines and some very clever manipulations at the polls were the cause of that perverted “election” in my country in 2004. The result was GWBush being “re-elected”. I also cannot call him my President any more than I can refer to the debacle in Iraq as a “war.”
    Take a good look at the people who were running Bush’s administration. The ringleader (Rove) is one smart whack-job. What is more dangerous than smart/evil people? After Sept. 11, 2001, much fear was generated by Bush and his mean-spirited, lying, evil cronies once they put Homeland Security in place. Everyone was in complete shock after the disaster and every single sound bite coming from their direction was composed to generate fear and hatred. The populace was fearful; the press were cowards; the Democrats wouldn’t call Bush on any of his bullshit.
    The epitome of his cabinet’s attitude is so very clear, voiced by (The Dick) Cheney in his answer to a comment that 2/3 of the American public doesn’t think the war is worth fighting. Cheney literally answered with one word: “SO?!”
    This group of thugs reminds me of when the jocks decide to steal the student-body election in high school. Their agenda is so different from the civic minded kids who want to participate in governing their wee portion of the school’s business. The jocks simply want to “rule” and make everything go their way, no matter what the dire outcome to the student body.
    I remember a character in a movie years ago, being coached by a Lothario. The lover is telling the man, who wants to cheat on his wife, “. . .no matter what – do not ever admit it! If she finds panties in your bed, do not admit it.” He goes on and on, stating “no matter what!” This is how I see this administration. So incredibly blatantly thumbing their noses at their populace. Stealing, lying, cheating, and NEVER admitting any wrong doing. Never!
    That attitude continues with McSame and his ridiculous token candidate VP thumbing their noses at the vetting process that was so clearly ignored, giving the press the same attitude of, “SO?!” And insisting that she not be questioned on ANYTHING because there have been too many intrusions into her “personal life.” Her public life cannot be questioned?!
    In response to your question about Bushisms. . . No one I know thought they were endearing in the least. Each and every one of them made us cringe with humiliation. His exploits with foreign leaders were so incredibly embarrassing. The only saving grace was the language barrier.
    The very saddest thing that Bush did to my country was to divide the parties with such bitterness and rancor that it’s beginning to resemble the Sunnis vs. Shiites. Instead of uniting us against a common enemy, Bush created a fake enemy in Saddam Hussein. The sheep followed and anyone who didn’t follow blindly, was branded a traitor. I have a sister and an aunt who are “dyed in the wool” republicans (my sister is a lesbian if you can even understand that combination), and I simply can’t have a conversation with them that involves politics. They so believe everything the Conservative press tells them, they won’t even listen to reason, even after McClellan came out and admitted that the Bushies fed sound-bites to Fox “News”. These sound bites were so clear and apparent to us all along. AND these relatives sincerely think that WE are the ignorant ones, the lost souls, to the extent that any dialog is impossible.
    Unfortunately, the dumbing down of this country is beginning to show its results. If you can picture the Palin family standing on the porch of the White House without hearing the theme song of The Beverly Hillbillies playing in your mind, then we’ve got the First Family for you! When I see that group standing and staring like deer caught in the headlights, I want to weep for us. I know a woman who has decided to switch her vote to McSame simply because he put a vagina on his ticket. Really!
    This is Idiocracy happening in real time!
    We have the makings of a civil war brewing right here. I fear for us. My biggest fear is that the Dark Side’s machinations have only just begun. They’re just warming up.
    It is my personal belief is that our country took a downward turn the day that Ronald Reagan fired the striking Air Traffic Controllers in 1981. This was an illegal move that brought no consequence. Corporations sat up, took notice and began testing the legal limits of stealing from their workers. Corporate greed took on a momentum that is still running rampant and is destroying our country. You’d think that CEOs never took a business class that taught them not to kill the goose laying the golden egg.
    The loss of our “golden egg” of retirement was close to $250,000, thanks to the greed of one of the largest airlines in this country. My husband willingly gave his life to that company; feeling that we were all one big, happy family until, one day the airline realized that they could raid his retirement accounts and that they could force him to buy, then sell back, his stock in the company at great loss to his retirement account. All the while he was allowed no pay increases; yet executive compensation continued at a record rate. The were rewarded for raping their “family”members.

    Stay tuned for the next episode of “My Fellow Amuricans”

    I have a question of my own to pose to you across the pond. . . what was up with Tony Blair making sweet love with Bush? We couldn’t wrap our brains around that one either! Limited support from other countries, but undying love from Tony. How did Blair’s involvement in the “war” in Iraq affect the viewpoint of you and your fellow citizens toward this sham?
    Thanks for your questions and concerns.

  • Sue

    I made assumption that you were writing from the UK. . .
    if not, please disregard my questions about Tony Blair. . . :)

    (Do not make an assumption, ’cause when you make an assumption, you make an ass outta you; and umption!. Samuel L. Jackson – Long Kiss Goodnight)

  • Tom

    To Kristina, get your facts straight. Bush’s brother was the Governor of Florida, not a senator. If you are going to be a Bush-hater, at least do us the courtesy of checking this stuff out before posting.

    I’m going to admit it. I voted for George Bush twice. The greater circle of people I know did the same thing and for similar reasons (which I won’t get in to). I liked him better in his first term when he got handed (literally) a number of events that no President should have to deal with. His second term has admittedly been a disappointment. Has he done the country’s reputation harm? Short-term perhaps. Would President Al (or Kerry) have done a better job (who knows and who the hell cares?) In my opinion, his greatest short-coming has been in being persuaded by an agenda driven staff into making bad or short-sighted decisions. This will be one of the biggest stains on his administration. But then name a President who hasn’t had this problem. Clinton’s staff was loaded with agenda-driven nut-jobs.

    Can we give the 2000 and 2004 elections a rest already? In three months or so, we’ll be getting a new President (the choices of which are both pictures of contradiction and hypocrisy) so who gives a flying rat’s a** about it. It’s history, get over it and move on. Bush will be gone (and the Clinton’s too) and a new day will dawn. We will get the President that we deserve (because most Americans are sheep).

    On another note. If moving to Canada (or some other foreign country) will make you feel better because you are ashamed of the current President then by all means go. The rest of this country had to put up with 8 years of the Clinton’s and Al Gore with their idiotic policies and blunders and we are still here knowing that they eventually would be gone. Peace to you on your leaving.

    Finally, much like Clinton, George Bush in my opinion is a likeable amiable person. Its unfortunate that his second-term was marred by a partisan Congress (with its surrender-monkey Democrats and corrupt Republican leadership) and an inability to admit to mistakes (even easy ones) that could be forgiven over time. History will judge whether or not how his presidency will fare over time.

    Just say none of the above in ’08.

  • Rachel

    I think Sue summed up the state of US affairs both eloquently and profoundly. Tom, on the other hand needs a reality check. While I don’t agree with the tactic of name-calling or belittling people simply because they have differing opinions, I do absolutely agree with Tallermost’s assertions about corruption and greed in the US government.

    John McCain and Sarah Palin should not be trusted to run this country, for what I feel are obvious reasons. First, McCain has a long-standing history of backing Bush, which means at least four more years of exactly the same bad policies and corrupt deal-making behind-closed-doors. Second, Palin is abysmally under-qualified; and, I was underwhelmed by her acceptance speech, whereby all she did was rattle off disdainful one-liners. Being a self-proclaimed “hockey mom” aka. “pitt-bull” is not exactly the kind of glowing self-endorsement one would expect of a vice presidential candidate either, (I do have to admit that I thought it was hilarious that she would actually admit she is a total BITCH on national television. But, I also think this should raise an enormous red flag to the American people, current Republican supporters especially). In my opinion, she poses the greatest threat of all. What she advocates is blind patriotism and further division among the people of this country; let us not forget the cliches “divide and conquer,” and “absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

    That said, over these past eight years, I have also begun to seriously doubt the Democrats as well. While they do have a solid history of at least endeavoring to “practice what they preach” in office, the results often fall dreadfully short of what they promise.

    I think the most obvious example of this is Hillary Clinton’s proposed universal health care plan during hubby Bill’s administration. On the surface, her intentions seemed to be in the best interest of the working and middle classes, yet in results, it not only failed in execution, it completely backfired. I will never forget the consequences of this catastrophe because I am also one of those Americans who can no longer afford health insurance. Back in 1989, when I got my first job out of high school, I paid $35.00 a month for a premium policy, with virtually no out-of-pocket for care… now, a far inferior policy would cost me a bare minimum of $150.00 a month, an equivalent one well over $300.00 a month. (What is interesting to note is that after this plan failed, Hillary also began receiving large contributions from major insurance and drug companies, as Michael Moore so aptly pointed out in his documentary, Sicko. Coincidence? I don’t think so!)

    If you look close enough, I think it becomes obvious that we are not truly a bipartisan country at all. These politicians are all bedfellows, and they have all sold out to corporate interest. In my mind, the question we should be asking ourselves on the eve of this next election, is what can we do, if anything, to reshape this country? Clearly, the old paradigm is no longer serving us. It is also obvious that tensions are mounting as protesters continue to increase in number, (although you would never know this watching mainstream television).

    Tonight, I was reminded of a phrase that should haunt us all: “People should not fear their government… the government should fear it’s people.” The future is in our hands… and we have FAR more power than we give ourselves credit for. I love my country, in spite of it’s gaping flaws, and I believe it is worth preserving. As my HS philosophy professor pointed out, “real change happens from the inside out.” There are subtle revolutions happening all around us, and if we pay attention we can affect great change within our own sphere of influence. I for one have not lost all hope yet. But, I am tired of the pretenses of Republican versus Democrat. Enough is enough… it’s time to move on.

  • Tallernmost

    Tom, it is so good that people with Down’s Syndrome, such as yourself, feel compelled to participate in the political process. Your lack of education and IQ should not be a hindrance in Republican led America. In fact it is a prerequisite.
    Eight long years of Bush leadership with its unabashed support for the naked greed of multi-national corporations has led to a serious melt-down in the economy, yet the blind followers are up in arms about abortion and gay marriage, the Scopes monkey trial and whether the earth is flat or round. Let the Republicans elect their new Ayatollah so the sacred work of elimination of the middle class can continue.
    Praise sweet Baby Jesus…amen!

  • Laura likes him! I’m sure someone else likes George Bush too. I just don’t know anyone personally.

  • k.k.

    i dont hate george bush.
    he just had tough times during his presidency
    and he did do better than i’m sure our president-elect would have done
    but that’s just my opinion.

  • KC

    I am in complete agreement with Tom. Bush has been given a task harder than the majority of our presidents in past years. While some of his decisions have developed into problems, he has brought along a lot of good. Have you talked to the people there? I have. I have served for several years now, and until you have had a mother and child come up to you and hug you and thank you for all that your doing, you have no idea what you are talking about. Sure, we’re going through a rough patch. Its not as bad as you whiny children are making it out to be. You all are just mad that your not living your plush, spoiled lives and have to actually deal with an issue. Boo hoo.

  • NathanaelA

    As a British person, I am completely unbiased over this issue. I think that the Bush administration failed miserably, and hope that someone who can form a proper sentence gets elected in 2009 (Who’s name does not begin with ‘Mc’).

    Nathanael (12)

  • Anonymous

    What? GW Bush was an idiot, who failed miserably, and who, let’s face it, was a lousy president.